A Walk With You
Waves In The Road
In Another Universe You And I Are Lovers
What Is Done Is Done
A Dream in Vinales
He Left His Heart On The Horizon
Taken By You
The Blue Hue In The Dessert Sun
I Wanna Get Lost With You
A Journey Just Begun
Maybe One Day She'll Tell Him
It's OK We Need The Rain
I Can See It From Here
Something Has Started
The Electric Connection Needed For The Long Journey
The Places We've Been
Two Women
A Dream For Huxley
The Lone Bird
Waiting For The Answer
Welcome To The City
The Power
I've Been All Around The World But My Heart Still Belongs To You New York
Our Badass City
In The Deep
But You Didn't Look Beneath
I Thought I Thought It
Love for the City
The Things I Didn't Say
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